David Murray-Hundley steps down as Chairman of e.fundamentals

e.fundamentals today announced that David Murray-Hundley will step down as Chairman. He is now looking to free up time to refocus on growing early start-up businesses in light of e.fundamentals’ phenomenal success.

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London, 20th December 2021 — e.fundamentals, the digital shelf analytics vendor, today announced that David Murray-Hundley will step down as Chairman, a role that has seen him lead the company’s Board of Directors since August 2016. Initially invited to become Chairman for a year, Mr. Murray-Hundley stayed driven by a deep passion helping young start-ups go from idea to high growth. He is now looking to free up time to refocus on growing early start-up businesses in light of e.fundamentals’ phenomenal success. The Edinburgh-based B2B SaaS provider has more than doubled their revenues during 2021, with contracted Annual Recurring Revenue now in excess of $6m, signing up global consumer packaged goods giants such as PepsiCo, Arla and Mars to its digital shelf analytics platform.


The Board would like to thank Mr. Murray-Hundley for his outstanding leadership and contributions to e.fundamentals during his tenure as Chairman. To manifest Mr. Murray-Hundley’s legacy, e.fundamentals and the Board are initiating the David Murray-Hundley Award for Excellence in Engineering, honouring the contributions of a particularly passionate, resilient and inclusive member of the e.fundamentals Engineering team in line with e.fundamentals’ company values.

“Supporting e.fundamentals over the past six years, along with my fellow Board members and CEO John Maltman, has been a great privilege. I am incredibly proud of what we and the team have accomplished together,” says David Murray-Hundley Chairman of the Board and investor, e.fundamentals. I am humbled by the opportunity to have worked closely with many of the most talented individuals in our industry and, by this, supported e.fundamentals to transform into a truly global organisation. I am extremely confident that e.fundamentals will continue to thrive with excellence while I pursue my passion and focus on Pario Ventures and helping young start-ups achieve similar success. There will be a moment of sadness for me on departing but far more moments of positive memories, but all companies have different chapters and those that support those chapters. I have done my chapter on this one. ”

“Since joining e.fundamentals as Chairman David Murray-Hundley has been valued for his ‘all in’ approach and sensible thinking,'' comments John Maltman, CEO e.fundamentals. I was lucky to meet David as a guest speaker during a start-up event. His presentation stood out for the practicality and relatability of his advice. Following his essential recommendation “don’t wait for perfection, provide value that people will pay for” we signed our first client within days. It changed everything, forcing us to relentlessly deliver world-class customer service and helping us to evolve by delivering growth to our clients. We’ve been incredibly lucky to have his energy and wisdom as e.fundamentals grew from an initial idea to a leader in our industry. We would like to thank David for his passionate commitment and significant contributions. On a personal level, I’ll always be proud to recognise David as a key player in the e.fundamentals story and remain grateful for his generous support. We wish David all the very best for his future ventures.


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