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Drive product visibility on your digital shelf

Your product’s findability is the cornerstone of ensuring conversions on your digital shelf.  
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Our platform enables your teams to:

Monitor and improve your search rankings over time, so that your products are always visible

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Compare your category share of search, so you know if action is needed to increase it

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Monitor and improve your search rankings over Time

We help you oversee how your products rank by keywords and across your retailers. Monitor and track performance over time.

Your rankings by keywords and retailers

Our intuitive panel charts help you see your products’ ranking against your individual keywords. This view helps you understand how easy it is for shoppers to find your products versus your competitors’ on retailer sites.

Be among the top 5 results

Your tailored dashboard gives you a shopper perspective on your brand’s presence and that of your competitors in key searches for the category. It’s essential to be near the top of the retailer’s page 1 results in order to increase a shopper’s attention and basket conversion.

Trends over time

An easy-to-read graph shows your performance for the past 30 days. Noticed a spike? Hover over any part of the graph to see more detail about your ranking at that point in the timeline. Having visibility of these trends lets you see if there’s an action you could take to improve your product's visibility in search results.
"Before signing with e.fundamentals we were struggling for visibility on shelf which was really affecting our online sales. Now, with the new platform, we have an eCommerce service that shows and prioritises the actions we need to take to not only fix the basics but also improve the positioning of our products on retailer sites."
Hipp Organic
Karen Hill
Group Product Manager, Hipp Organic

Compare your category share of search

Product visibility is critical on the digital shelf.

We enable you to view your share and understand which actions to take to make your brands more visible

Share of search by brands

Our high-level summary dashboard indicates your search-term share for your keyword across each of your retailers. This data helps you prioritise where to make the improvements that will have the biggest impact on sales.

Weighted share

Compare your brand's visibility with that of your competitors via a weighted share-of-voice report for your search terms. Our insights enable you to benchmark your retailers’ performance against an overall weighted average. This way, you can easily see which retailers you need to focus on for each brand.

Explore more ways to win

Discover our key fundamentals that help you deliver on the basics of a winning eCommerce strategy. 

Optimise Your Content

Digital Shelf content measurement, ensure your content looks its best and act fast when it is not.

Effective Brand Messaging

The fundamental that helps you ensure your products selling messages are present.

Discover how our platform helps you:

Drive your commercials

See retailer assortment, availability and promotional activity at a glance with access to your category’s entire data. We don’t limit SKUs.

Strategise for growth

We know one size does not fit all so we’ll help you unlock the secrets to what drives your visibility and conversion across your retailers worldwide.

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