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Make availability issues a thing of the past

If shoppers can’t find your products, you’ve lost a sales opportunity. Worse, it can seriously hurt your brand reputation. With our range reporting, you can check your online SKU availability across your global retailers.

Our platform helps your teams to:

Avoid manual price checking and always be in the know

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Get the right mix of product pricing across retailers to drive conversion

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Access and compare all category product reviews to help you understand your competitors 

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The simplest way to visualise availability across your category

Retailer Stock Availability visualised in one place

We monitor your product availability on the digital shelf and help you mitigate the risk of out of stock and delisting. 

Stock level insights

Intuitive bar charts help you see your SKU availability across your retailers. Colour-coding helps you visualise your current availability performance across your key retailers.

A full category view

Our stock availability insights for the digital shelf enable your teams to visualise product availability across the full category. We give you the insights needed to understand product availability across your own products, your competitors’ and retailers’ own label.

Traffic-light system

Red, amber and green colouring shows stock-levels at a glance. Hovering over the bars, our three-tier labelling matches the state of your SKU levels to either in-stock, out of stock, or delisted saving you time and helping you focus on key action areas. .
"Lockdown has brought about an increased appetite for trying new brands with 52% of shoppers agreeing to buy products that they haven't tried before. 75% agree they will switch brands if the product they searched for is out of stock.”

Protect your shoppers’ experience

Don’t disappoint your online shoppers. Make sure your products are always available.

Automated availability insights

We regularly monitor your range to prevent stock levels from running low unnoticed. Get notified in time, and reduce the risk of shopper frustration at the point of purchase

Prevent knock-on effects

If you’re out of stock, shoppers are more likely to try your competitor’s product. By having a complete category view at a retailer-by-retailer level, you can see instantly where your SKU lines are at risk of potential delisting

Retailer Stock Availability visualised in one place

Understand how quickly your promotions are driving your SKUs off the digital shelf. 

Outsmart the competition

Never make it easy for your competitors to gain the lead from an out-of-stock. We’ll help you check how they’re faring, to see if you can turn their low levels to your advantage. Then you can time your promotions to counteract or have the biggest impact when your competitors slip up.

Be ahead of the game

Our availability tracking offers daily stockout reporting. Plus, with historical data, you have the data in category to anticipate and inform on your competitors next move. Our saved filter functions make it easy to stay focused on what matters.  

drive your commercials

Explore all our solutions

Drive your commercials with the complete toolbox to enable your teams to win in digital commerce.

Monitor price changes

Category pricing across your SKUs in focus. .

Promote effectively

Insights to shape your promotional strategy online and develop winning campaigns.

Manage product availability

Insights that help you monitor your own brand and competitor product availability across category and retailers.

Display banner tracking

Monitor and drive ROI from your media spend. 

Optimise Assortment

Ensure your eCommerce assortment mix and pricing is optimal for your key retailers. 


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