Fix the basics

Optimize your product content for sales on the digital shelf

Track, audit and measure product content is correct and visible to shoppers across your retailers. 
Optimize digital shelf content


Improve your listings’ accuracy and ensure your brand is represented correctly on the digital shelf

We help you identify gaps in content and utilize retailers rich media opportunities for you to better engage shoppers.

Product names and descriptions

Ensure your products are displayed in line with your PIM or brand’s guidelines and requirements across all retailers. Make sure content is optimized for search, conversions and shopper engagement.


Check your pricing is correct and aligned with retailer agreements and they are not overriding on your RRPs.
Manual methods for price and product content management across multiple digital channels are no longer viable. Internal resources conducting manual monitoring efforts frequently cannot keep up with the pace of product content changes and the misrepresentation of products by retail partners.
eCommerce product compliance insights


Verify that products on your digital shelf comply with legal and brand requirements

We’ll help you ensure your products are listed with all the regulatory and correct package information. Configure and track the most important compliance elements for your product portfolio and be notified when issues occur.


Check your pricing is accurate and complies with the local market law.


Check your products accurately reflect the content and pack sizes.


Be certain that customers are informed correctly about your products’ storage requirements.

Nutrients / Ingredients / Allergens

Be sure legal guidelines are followed for each of your products, and nutritional and ingredient information is clearly and comprehensively communicated.
We wanted to move beyond just fixing the basics. The actionable insights from e.fundamentals will allow us to develop our online sales channel and bring our category vision to life.
Sean Ferguson
Digital Marketing Manager


Provide rich shopper experiences that drive sales at every touchpoint

We help you identify gaps in content and utilize retailers rich media opportunities for you to better engage shoppers. 

Utilize available image and content space

Make sure you are taking up each image slot available from the retailer.  Improve shopper experience and product engagement online by including videos about your products. 

Regularly audit retailer product pages

Check your product feature lists are accurately and comprehensively making the most of the on-page real estate.

Rich content space (brand assets and collateral)

Enhance the experience by taking up additional on-page opportunities through engaging rich media placements, e.g. on theme pages.


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