Digital Shelf Scorecard

Priority Reporting for your Digital Shelf

You need reporting that is clear, concise and tailored to your business. Our scorecard brings to life what matters across your key measures.
Digital Shelf Scorecarding

Built for Leadership Teams to:

Action improvement opportunities across key measures

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Visualise category priorities, performance and objectives

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Digital Shelf Scorecard

Get a customised dashboard view of your category performance and key priorities. Enabling market leaders to spot, track and act on opportunities.

Digital Shelf Scorecard Service
Tailored to you

Our Digital Shelf Scorecards are customised and built around your needs.

We work with you to align on the key areas of focus needed to hit your goals. Using our data to reflect the measures that matter to you.

Efficient market level reporting

We know it's tough to align all markets to a common goal, it's even tougher with different conditions in each market. 

Our scorecards combat this by helping you simplify the process and visualise market performance at a glance..
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Identify market opportunities for growth

Develop a globally aligned local market action plan.

Based on the Scorecard outputs, our customer teams work with your internal stakeholders across markets to develop a globally aligned local market action plan.
Digital Shelf Content Analytics

Action improvement opportunities across your key measures

Scorecards provide an overview of performance data in line with brand key metrics in a way senior management can digest and act on quickly.

Market level focus on where you are

We make it easy for you to see a market by market view of performance. Helping you identify local markets that need additional support guidance or resources to realise the category opportunity available.

Align teams to specific objectives

With scorecards in place you have a fast, easy to use reporting tool that your teams can use to gain alignment across markets and people.

Measure the impact of your actions

Our rolled up score-carding offers senior leaders in each market a clear view to see how actions are delivering tangible impacts across key focus areas.  

Strategise for growth

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Dedicated insights that are fundamentally focused on supporting your teams unlock sustained competitive advantage through actionable eCommerce analytics. 

Learn From Your Shoppers

Know what your customers are saying about your products with aggregated reviews and ratings insights. 

Review Category Drivers 

Know what drives the category across retailers and optimise to unlock trade opportunities.

Track NPD Performance

Understand how your NPD is performing in visibility, customer feedback and availability online.

Discover how our platform helps you:

Brilliant Basics

Dedicated features that help you and your teams get product content and visibility performance fit for the digital shelf.

Drive Your Commercials

See retailer assortment, availability and promotional activity at a glance with access to your category’s entire data. We don’t limit SKUs.

We give all our customers free resources to help win on the Digital Shelf

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