Execute your category vision

Accelerate your NPD on the digital shelf

Want to grow market share and brand equity on the digital shelf? Then it’s important to bring new innovations to market profitably, and expand your category online. 

Our platform helps your teams to:

Monitor the success of your NPD’s eCommerce execution, so you can keep right on top of it

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Improve product content to stay competitive, by knowing more about your audience

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Ensure visibility on the digital shelf, by knowing how your CPG appears vs competitors

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Monitor your NPD’s eCommerce success

Be in the know the minute your NPD goes live. Check how the product is coming through on your retailers’ sites, and find out shoppers’ reactions.

New product health check

A dedicated ‘New Products’ section pulls all the relevant insights about your new SKUs in one place. At-a-glance scorecards indicate how well they’re coming through on retailers’ sites. Clicking through, you’ll find updates for the key attributes you need to optimise for your new products to perform effectively online.

Range as agreed

Make sure products are appearing online at the same time as in-store, or if the online exclusive period has been adhered to by retailers. Our colour-coded bar charts indicate if lines have been ranged or not. Hovering over the bars, you can see the total number of SKUs; clicking on them will give you a complete list of the (non-) ranged products.

Stay competitive with on-point content

Foster brand loyalty by listening. Make sure you optimise your content to match the needs and language of your audience.

Comply and Inform

Check to see if your images, descriptions and legal requirements are all consistently present across your retailers. Shoppers reviewing your pack size or description poorly? See it as an opportunity to respond and adjust building brand ambassadors along the way.

Benchmarking SKU portfolio

Benchmark your new products versus the rest of your category. See quickly if there’s an insight you can act on to continue accelerating your launch. Understand if there’s anything you need to do to drive people to leave reviews.
"We have used the data and reports in the e.fundamentals tool to successfully drive forward our base business. It has allowed us to easily diagnose and monitor our performance on our key SKUs across our key retailers, and as a result deliver up to 37% growth on products that were suffering."

Ensure visibility on the digital shelf

Right from the start, you want to monitor the share of search you're getting on retailers’ first page of search results. Our platform gives you the insights you need to get to the top of the page. Being found is the be-all and end-all of online sales.

Share of search

Are you applying an online-first approach to your NPD? Then you’ll want to know how much share of voice your new product is getting on the first page of search results against the top 4 of your selected search terms.

SEO for Grocery Retail

Be sure to optimise your content for online grocery SEO. Implement gold standard titles, and use keywords frequently yet sensibly in your descriptions. Any adjustments should be syndicated with your PIM. Still not seeing results? Our insights will help you seek support from retailers.

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NPD Toolkit 2021 - The CPG guide to launching NPD in eCommerce (US & UK).

Download our latest guide to launching NPD in eCommerce a mainstay resource for your Digital Shelf NPD. Get insight into planning NPD for omnichannel success, A 3-Phase plan you can action and the tips on how to analyse NPD performance with our Digital Shelf Analytics. 
NPD ecommerce strategy ebook

Strategise for growth

Explore all our features

Dedicated insights that are fundamentally focused on supporting your teams unlock sustained competitive advantage through actionable eCommerce analytics. 

Learn from your shoppers

Know what your customers are saying about your products with aggregated reviews and ratings insights. 

Review category drivers 

Know what drives the category across retailers and optimise to unlock trade opportunities.

Track NPD Performance

Understand how your NPD is performing in visibility, customer feedback and availability online.

Digital Shelf Scorecards

A complete picture of your brands digital shelf performance with bespoke custom built repoting. 

Discover more ways e.fundamentals helps you succeed online:

Brilliant basics

Monitor brand standards, compliance, and the key drivers to your brands’ online visibility across major online retailers.

Drive your commercials

See retailer assortment, availability and promotional activity at a glance with access to your category’s entire data. We don’t limit SKUs.

See our NPD tracker in action. Take a quick demo

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One size does not fit all – we know that your company will have unique needs and we’re here to help configure our platform and reporting to focus on the measures your business cares about most.

We give all our customers free resources to help win on the Digital Shelf

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