Our Approach

It's more than just Data. e.fundamentals is your partner in eCommerce Growth

Learn how e.fundamentals Customer Success approach to Digital Shelf Analytics is fundamentally different to drive performance in the omnichannel.

Your Digital Shelf Perfectly Executed

Our world-class customer success model offers 3,000 hours of dedicated
support to fuel your team for growth from day 1.

ROI Promise

Actionable Insights

Tailored to Your Teams

Highly Relevant

Building Capability

Commercially Focused

The only Digital Shelf Analytics provider to commit to a return on your investment.

We guarantee brands a *4X return on investment and we calculate it in partnership with those who use our solutions so the process is transparent and there is agreement on key metrics.  
e.fundamentals customer success model

Our ROI results by vertical:

  • 5X - Skincare
  • 8X - Biscuits
  • 9X - Frozen Foods
  • 12X - Tinned Foods
  • 16X - Alcohol
  • 6X - Cereals & Breakfasts
  • 9X - Confectionery
  • 11X - Pet Supplies
  • 14X - Savouries & Cakes
* ROI guarantee is subject to terms and conditions. Contact us to learn more.  
Our Platform

Every Insight we show you can be actioned. We ensure your teams instantly know how to understand the data so actions that drive growth can be taken.

  • Intuitive dashboard
  • See your performance across key focus areas
Actionable Intelligence

Our platform was built by experts across CPGfocused around your team needs, commercial goals and in a language you can understand.

  • We use your terminology
  • You can have unlimited users on your account.
  • Perfect insights for Sales, Marketing, Commercial, eCommerce and Category teams.
Built around key roles and functions

Our software is highly intuitive with visualised full category data. 

You need analytics that provides the most comprehensive insights in a manner tailored to your teams daily needs. e.fundamentals is built around key eCommerce roles,  is instantly understood and supports a faster movement from data analysis to action. 
  • We only show data you can action
  • We present data understandable by CPGs
Our Customer Success Impact

Our teams build both the capability and the knowledge at a local level that helps enable the translation of global goals into local initiatives and activities.

  • We help build the capability in your teams to win online.
  • Training plans to support your teams
  • We map our plans to local market needs.
Developing your eCommerce strategy

From day one we align our platform to meet the needs of your commercial objectives

There is not a one size fits all approach to Digital Shelf management, you need a platform and partner that recognises the differing needs you may have across Global and Local markets.
  • We work to your agenda & expertise to drive
  • The right data to deliver your results
  • Recognise and support commercial opportunities.

Here's what our clients have to say

The 'added value' that e.fundamentals delivers, including project consultancy and client success support, means there is always specialist support available to help deliver against our objectives.
Ed harman
Acme Products Manager

A winning approach included as standard

Onboarding and Implementation

Our Approach to Customer Success is built on a program
to set your team up for success and get you growing
category visibility from day 1.

Building Knowledge & Capability

We invest in building knowledge and capability not just
with individuals but across the organisation. Workshops,
Central Resources and much more.


Your partnership with us gives you access to a team of ecommerce experts that have worked with world leading brands to deliver growth.

We bring a combination of ecommerce expertise, market insights, best practice, omnichannel knowledge and dedicated support that centers around your needs.

One to One Dedicated Support

Monthly Workshops

A Central Customer Resource Hub

Market Insight Reports


We are serious about providing the best support to your business.

We have built a team that can operate 100% remotely, local to your needs, fully committed and 100% ready to do what it takes to ensure you achiever your eCommerce goals.


Our platform is designed around a framework of 8 key fundamentals that if executed well, deliver sales and profit across the Omnichannel.

Our experts ensure you not only can access the data but support you to get the most from it in order to deliver key commercial results.

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e.fundamentals is a world-leading data insights and eCommerce analytics provider for CPG brands looking to optimise performance across online retail. We turn complex retail eCommerce data into actionable insights. Ensuring Sales, Marketing and Commercial teams have the actionable intelligence to improve digital shelf performance.



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