Onboarding and Implementation

Your eCommerce Priorities are
our Priorities.

A personalised, market tailored implementation plan to get you from a
standing start to growing digital commerce performance with

The setup process that does the hard work
so you don't have to. 

Objectives aligned

Built in your language

Comprehensive training plan

We do the heavy lifting

Seamless implementation

We focus on your commercial objectives from the implementation stage not after.

We spend time understanding your business goals. By knowing what you want to achieve we tailor the platform to provide the insights for teams and markets to make the biggest impact. 

This also helps us understand your language, focus on the biggest buckets of work and have a common goal with each team in your business.

A platform that talks your language 

We adapt and ensure data in our platform aligns to your terminology, such as categorisation. We have you covered from the start 
Our deep understanding of eCommerce enables us to fine tune our analytics and insights to make every day use of e.fundamentals a friction free experience.  

Built around your local and global market needs, we help you get off to a fast start.

We excel at building training plans that enable your teams to make the the best use of our insights. 

Our onboarding program gets your teams familiar, confident and clear on how to access the insights that matter most. 

Our onboarding is very low touch with little input from the client. 

Switching providers could be difficult, e.fundamentals make it easy. Our sophisticated data management techniques save you hours of wasted data entry.

We have done this across thousands of products and categories and have learned how to enable clients to hit the ground running from day 1.

Day 1 - your teams are ready, your insights are there and all you need to do is act.

We make switching to e.fundamentals a seamless process. Our implementation ensures little investment from the client is required and we support the integration of the platform across your business with training plans and support more comprehensive than any other provider. 

Here's what our clients have to say

To drive growth strategically, we knew we had to upskill our people fast. Working with e.fundamentals and their Customer Success team means we receive in-depth, function-relevant training and finally have a service that helps us get the insights we need to build our competitive advantage online.
Steve Morrissey
eCommerce & Digital Category Manager

How We Built eCommerce Knowledge Quickly

Learn how e.fundamentals supported Pladis Global to build eCommerce capabilities across their teams.


You have a lot to do, managing multiple markets and priorities can be a real juggling act and may not always be focused on the priorities for e-commerce.

Our customer success team helps you build both the capability and  knowledge at a local level that gives focus on the areas that you can implement. Providing a clear action plan for the work streams to be done within that region.


We ensure every insight in our platform can be actioned, and what we show is a real profit opportunity awaiting your attention.

Using your commercial objectives we take the insights and devise a bespoke action plan to support your long term ability to unlock insights across your teams.

Aligned Teams Deliver The Best Results

Imagine a platform that enables sales, marketing and commercial teams to get valuable highly relevant insights from one platform that talks their language.

We thrive on bringing teams together to make the best use of Digital Shelf Insights, we know that when better connected ways of working are established real results happen.
See how we help teams grow online

The Heart Of What We Do

Our Customer Commitment is not an extra.

We don't limit the support we give you to mere hours, we know by putting the right people from our business in touch with yours great things can happen.

We embed ourselves in your business, fully ingest your strategy and partner to build a winning formula to ensure your teams can make the best use of the insights data available.

Ready to come onboard?

e.fundamentals is more than just shelf data, with our customer success approach you get a playbook for digital shelf success.

We give all our customers free resources to help win on the Digital Shelf

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