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Part of CommerceIQ's Retail Ecommerce Management platform, e.fundamentals provides real-time digital shelf analytics that sets the industry standard in coverage, transparency and actionability. Monitor and optimize your digital shelf for 700+ retailers across 45+ countries and drive profitable growth.

Digital Shelf Analytics

Setting the industry standard in three key areas

Unparalleled Coverage

A complete picture of the category, covering 700+ retailer websites and mobile apps globally. AI-driven catalog creates a source of truth across the omnichannel.

Aggregator and quick commerce visibility across retailers like DoorDash and Instacart, with insights into availability, bundling, outages, and inventory gaps down to store level.

Data Transparency

Visibility into data quality, with its client-facing data integrity dashboard and ability to integrate with any data lake.

The solution ensures transparency and demonstrates the clear connection of digital shelf data and impact to market share.

Advanced Actionability

Drive actionability with automations and prioritized recommendations to maximize organic growth. Streamlined workflows including Generative AI improve content, and provide actionable reporting on assortment & availability.

Fully integrated into retail media, ecommerce sales management, content and supply chain through the CommerceIQ REM Platform.

700+ retailers & apps. 45+ countries.

Know exactly what is happening in all the online retailers that are key to your business

Our Digital Shelf Analytics Software helps teams understand performance today with the clear insights needed to optimize for ecommerce growth.    
Monitor Performance
Actionable Insights 
Unlock Category Intelligence
Build Knowledge, Act Faster
Win the Digital Shelf
Win Share, Grow Sales  
Monitor Performance

Measure and Optimize Your  Digital Shelf Performance

Actionable automated daily insights helping you detect opportunities to improve sales performance across every retailer. Eliminate the manual checking.
Maximize Product Visibility on the Digital Shelf
Monitor Content Compliance with Daily Insights
Benchmark Shopper Feedback Ratings & Reviews
Optimize Assortment Promotional Spend and Stock
Digital Shelf Analytics Platform
Unlock Category Intelligence

A digital Shelf Solution that brings Category Thinking To Life

We combine Category level data with CPG expertise to help you build effective strategies for ecommerce growth.
Full Category Data - Don't Limit your performance visibility
Know you’re getting your fair share of category growth / visibility 
Our Customer success team deliver training and best practice guidance for winning at eCommerce
Competitor Intelligence - Know if you are winning, if not who is
Digital Shelf Analytics Features Overview
Win the digital shelf everywhere

Grow Revenue & Influence ROI Performance online  

Increase sales conversions, and drive brand conversion at scale everywhere.  
Industry leading performance metrics - know exactly how your actions are impacting performance
See how ad sponsorship, pricing and inventory performance, are impacting your sales performance
Get dedicated insights and strategies that help you grow across all your markets  
Digital Shelf content monitoring and analytics

Win the Digital shelf 

Our Approach Delivers Repeatable Growth

e.fundamentals brings together best in class Digital Shelf Analytics with Seasoned CPG Expertise to empower your front line teams to take the right actions that drive profitable eCommerce growth at the category level across all your major online retailers.

We are fundamentally different with a repeatable playbook for Digital Shelf Success at Scale.
Diagnose Your Ecommerce Performance
Automate the Benchmarking & Monitoring of relevant Digital Shelf Metrics.
Translate Data Into Action
Identify immediate actions for performance improvement.
Transform Your Team
Ramp Up Skills, Competitor Intelligence, Process and Productivity.
Accelerate Sales and Win Share
Bring your category strategy to life and unlock a competitive advantage online.

As Ecommerce Rapidly Evolves, The Brands That Win Are The Ones Who Stick To The Fundamentals 

Fix the Basics - Optimize Digital Shelf Content Icon

Deliver Content Compliance

Ensure your content is accurate across retailers. Know daily what SKUs need your attention and where SEO opportunities exist.
Drive Share of Search Icon

Win Share of Search

Benchmark Search Visibility & placement vs competitors, tackle undiscoverable SKUs. Know where you rank in category across key search terms.
Promote Effectively on Digital Shelf

Promote Effectively

See promotional activity & compliance across your category. Know what media spend and paid promotions are doing to sales, availability & search by retailer. 
Optimize Assortment Icon

Optimize Stock Availability

Know what product availability looks like across your retailers and avoid lost sales opportunities through delisting or stock outs. 
Shopper Ratings & reviews icon

Analyze Ratings & Reviews

See aggregated shopper feedback for all products in your category. Benchmark your product performance vs competitors.
Price monitor on the Digital Shelf icon

Monitor Pricing 

Know how pricing is evolving across your category. Ensure your RRP or promotional products are compliant across the digital shelf of major retailers. 
brand effectively icon

Message Effectively

Check retailers are relaying your key selling messages and optimize product pages to utilize media and content opportunities.
Execute Category Vision Icon

Track Retail Media Performance

Track media and display spend in category. Know who and where visibility is being won or lost and get a view on competitor actons. 

Best Platform + Best Partnership = Customer Success

We’ve built the best Customer Success team in the Digital Shelf sector to ensure you succeed at speed and scale with e.fundamentals.


In-depth knowledge of how to fully leverage our powerful technology to drive commercial gains, fast!


An unbeatable track record of solving ecommerce growth challenges for all kinds of brands, categories and sectors.


An always on partnership from day one. Focused Expertise and guidance to keep you ahead.  

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Features and insights designed for key roles in category, ecommerce, sales and marketing teams
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Part of CommerceIQ's Retail Ecommerce Management platform, e.fundamentals is the leading digital shelf analytics platform for CPG brands looking to analyze, measure and optimize eCommerce performance. We turn complex data from hundreds of retailers into actionable insights that enable eCom teams to take fast actions to drive sales and conversion on the digital shelf.
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