UK Shopper Insights Report 2020

From Ecommerce Evolution to Revolution

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“Brands can no longer afford postponing focus on their online performance.”

John Maltman, CEO e.fundamentals

The pandemic has changed the way we shop. eCommerce has moved from being an evolutionary process to a revolution of convenience across the world and driven engagement in a diversity of age groups and shopper types. In short, online shopping is here to stay with key implications for consumer packaged goods brands and retailers forcing change in order to make their digital shelf a business priority. 


What you’ll get from the e.fundamental YouGov report

  • Deep insights into the accelerated shift to online grocery shopping during lockdown in the UK
  • An understanding of evolving shopper behaviour and high-growth segments
  • Details on the emerging shopper intentions for continued online grocery shopping spend
  • Clear recommendations on the core components of delivering a great customer experience through digital commerce

Brands need to determine the strategies and tactics to deploy now on the digital shelf, abandoning pre-covid omnichannel roadmaps and shift the focus on equipping sales and marketing teams with the tools and workflows needed to drive eCommerce efficiencies.